Sunak’s Gifts: A Closer Look at the UK Chancellor’s Initiatives


Since assuming the role of UK Chancellor, Rishi Sunak has introduced several initiatives aimed at supporting the economy and individuals during challenging times. From economic stimulus packages to targeted assistance programs, Sunak’s gifts have played a crucial role in navigating the country through uncertain times. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of these initiatives and their impact.

The Furlough Scheme

One of the most notable gifts from Sunak is the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, commonly known as the furlough scheme. Introduced in March 2020, this scheme aimed to prevent mass layoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the scheme, the government provided financial support to businesses, allowing them to retain their employees even if they couldn’t work due to lockdown restrictions. This initiative not only helped businesses survive but also provided much-needed security to workers.

Eat Out to Help Out

In an effort to boost the struggling hospitality sector, Sunak launched the “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme in August 2020. This initiative provided diners with a 50% discount, up to £10 per person, on meals at participating restaurants. The scheme was a resounding success, with millions of people taking advantage of the discounts and helping to stimulate the economy. It not only supported the hospitality industry but also gave consumers a much-needed break.

Stamp Duty Holiday

Recognizing the impact of the pandemic on the housing market, Sunak announced a temporary stamp duty holiday in July 2020. This meant that homebuyers were exempt from paying stamp duty on properties up to £500,000 until March 2021. The initiative aimed to incentivize property transactions and provide a much-needed boost to the housing market. It proved to be a popular move, with many people taking advantage of the savings and driving increased activity in the real estate sector.

Green Homes Grant

With a focus on sustainability and the environment, Sunak introduced the Green Homes Grant in September 2020. This scheme provided homeowners with vouchers to make energy-efficient improvements to their properties. By incentivizing the adoption of green technologies, the initiative aimed to reduce carbon emissions and create jobs in the renewable energy sector. While the scheme faced some implementation challenges, it highlighted the government’s commitment to tackling climate change.

Kickstart Scheme

Recognizing the impact of the pandemic on youth unemployment, Sunak launched the Kickstart Scheme in September 2020. This initiative aimed to create job opportunities for young people aged 16-24 who were at risk of long-term unemployment. The government provided funding to employers to create new roles, with the aim of supporting young individuals in gaining valuable work experience. The scheme has been instrumental in providing a lifeline to many young jobseekers during these challenging times.


Rishi Sunak’s initiatives have been instrumental in supporting the UK economy and individuals during challenging times. From the furlough scheme to the stamp duty holiday, each initiative has played a vital role in providing much-needed stability and support. While the full impact of these gifts will be seen in the years to come, they have undoubtedly helped the country navigate through uncertain times and lay the foundation for a brighter future.

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